Black Templar's





If in battle I charge , follow me. If in battle I retreat , kill me. If in battle I fall , avenge me.




The Black Templar's were  a specialist unit of Knights Templar's. AKA as The Assassins During the early days of the Templars a cult of assassins was created to fight on the side of Salah a Din the leader of the Saracen armies. To combat this a branch of the Templar’s was created to serve in Secret. Known as,The Black Templar's.


Our order, the 2nd Dragon Legion Black Templar originates from Knights Templars who became assassins. Assassin from the Arabic hashishin or "users of hashish now popular in films and games like "Da Vinci Code" and "Assassins Creed".


You can find refrences to them even today AKA La Sapinier the Vatican secret service Fodalitium Pianum Instrument of God .


The Black Templar’s were originally recruited from the order of Knight Templar’s. Hand picked, Only taking the very best of the orders Knights, Known for there loyalty and bravery. This group of Knights became a separate order, so secret that the Knight Templar’s themselves did not know there identity. Most of today’s members originate from the original founding members. As time went on the order became in house. And so did its membership along with its traditions and secrets. But as time went on some lines ended, and members where brought in from outside once again



Modern day Knight Templar’s

The Dragon legion is a modern day Templar Order. Rules have modified and updated the original orders rule’s bringing the Order up to date and inline with the Twenty first century.



Membership to the Knight’s Templar’s second Dragon Legion is free to professed Christians as long as there willing to commit themselves to the Orders Rules. And strict Templar Code.